Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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no inspiration lately has left me to believe i'm experiencing a bit of what most of us would know as writers block. you'd think it would be all the more easier for one to write about themselves but its not really as simple as some might think. when all you do during the day is sit around in the basement of your significant other's parents house during the day watching episode after episode of desperate housewives, only to come out in the late afternoon, hop into a car and drive 2 minutes from home to go to work in a call center, chat on the phone to vicious customers about their bills and be yelled at for 8 hours of the day only to be done with it at 1 am, crawl into bed with the said significant other whom youve only been able to keep in touch with via text message throughout the day and call it a night. repeat the next day.
my job isnt as bad as i thought it would be when i first began. ive come to realize that my coworkers are fairly easy going, the job itself isnt too bad to begin with. all i have to do is take payments and make payment arrangements for customers who call in. anything other than that i can transfer to someone else and it then becomes their problem, not mine. the pay isnt too bad and im eligible for bonuses but i cant help but hate the hours im working. as mentioned above my mornings are wasted doing nothing and in the evening when all the people i really care to see or be around are coming home from work as i just begin.
fortunately for me i was able to take a leave of absence from work beginning the 14th of dec and have the option to come back in early January if needed so i can spend time with family and friends as needed and finally be able to do my surgery for wisdom teeth removal which the money i earned through going to work for training allowed me to do. im a little afraid of being put to sleep but friends, hygienists, and dentists all assured me its going to be fine, i'll wake up in quite a bit of pain but tylenol 3's will come to my rescue for when that time comes. i can deal with pain, i just hate the thought that someone else has control over putting me to sleep.
2:05 time to get ready for another fun filled day at work aka decent paycheck...i guess i could sneak in another desperate housewives episode as i get ready.
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