Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 2

last night i completed my second day of training. I had decided to let my guard down a bit and to keep my temper at bay when someone asked me a dumb question.
I smiled when people looked my way, helped others around me to the best of my ability and laughed when i heard someone say something funny (or something stupid but I'm sure they'll never know the difference). I also realized that one older woman who insists on pairing up with me when the entire class is in one room is nice and asks me stupid questions because she genuinely doesn't know. This again was a good way to better myself and practice controlling my temper.
on my first break a girl who sat at the computer next to me in the class approached the table that i was, as usual, sitting by myself at and asked if she could join me. Typically I said sure, and since she approached me i didn't see why not.
Ive had this thing about me since i was younger that if someone wants to be my friend or otherwise they'd have to approach me and initiate the conversation. this could be taken as one of a few things, arrogance, stubbornness, shyness or laziness.
Either way we began to talk back and fourth first about what we thought of our "jobs" and then soon found that we had a bit more in common than i thought. She went to my college last year which is probably why she looked familiar and even took a similar program. After we both declared that this job was temporary until we could find something in our respected fields it was time to go back into the training room to complete taking notes on our 70 page module. Blech.
this is kind of weird for me, anyone who knows me knows that i have the worst time making friends especially with members of the female population. I usually pair up with a guy and shoot the shit with them until someone makes a wrongful accusation that we are "together" and things get awkward.
I have a boyfriend, in case anyone was wondering, whom i ended up telling everything to later on in the evening and he even thought it was weird that i was getting along with girls.
After my conversation with that girl i loosened up a bit and became a little more comfortable in my surroundings. later on in class after lunch break i came back to the training room to overhear my new "work friend" talking to a couple ladies, a 30 year old Hungarian who looked 27 and a crusty 45 year old who looked well into her 50's and swore like a trucker. she was telling them about happenings in her country of origin, El Salvador, and a lot of the terrible things going on there and how it is affecting her family. i threw my two cents into the conversation and before i knew it i began shooting the shit with the 30 year old Hungarian chick as well about television shows like Dexter and telling screwed up stories about my hometown. The rest of the night seemed to go by quick after this and before i knew it, it was time to go. i left in a good mood but before i left the building the Hungarian caught up with me, asked me my name, shook my hand and introduced herself as well.
two "work friends" made in one day, all of which are female. im not keeping my hopes up about these relationships because im sure once we get on the floor and perhaps even get split up into different teams, im sure i'll be long forgotten. Also when i mentioned last night to my boyfriend he did warn me not to get too close to anyone there as some people can be... how should i put this nicely... oh right, bitches. We'll see how things go tonight and maybe some of the people who keep eying me down during breaks and look like they want to come talk to me will.

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