Monday, November 16, 2009

Some people need to get a life!

My name is Dora and I'm 21 years old.

Recently I lost my job working retail in a local mall. I knew things weren't working out for maybe two weeks before i was let go but i kept going because i needed the money and it was my only excuse for leaving the house and interacting with other people.
I have decided i wont go into detail about why i was let go however i will tell you that my ex-coworkers are still going on about the situation including my manager, even though its been a week and now things are beginning to be thrown out of proportion.
they are children trapped in the bodies of adults.
i feel like I'm getting picked on by bullies in an elementary school and to top it all off i don't think that i was let go in fairness. what i did was no different than what i was instructed to do during the two months i was employed there.I shouldn't have trusted anyone there even my superior. i also feel that because the rest of the staff were strongly against my working there my manager had decided that this time she was not going to stand up for me or give me the benefit of the doubt.
I enjoyed the work and the location i was working in and didn't mind most customers even though many of them were slightly rude. But recently i could tell by the tone of my managers voice when speaking to me that she had begun to dislike me. to be honest i had begun to dislike them as well.
i'm not good with this kind of situation i'm in. sometimes i cant handle people disliking me or spreading rumors and lies at my expense. i can be a generally happy person but sometimes these kinda things can push me over the happy/sad line and i think that the only real criticism i can handle is if it came from some faceless internet troll.
i have been advised to leave the situation alone, put it behind me and hope that they will forget about me as i should be forgetting about them which i am in fact trying to do. i just dread the thought that my decent looking record of employment becomes tarnished by the bullshit that this store has put me through and will have to go and confront that asshole of a manager i had to deal with and yes i just called her an asshole.
She takes pride in the fact that people call her a bitch. its almost a compliment to her. that's why i wouldn't give her that satisfaction. I never thought she was a bitch anyway. the way i saw her at first was assertive and strong, and didn't take bullshit from anyone. but as time went on i had come to the conclusions mentioned above. she is in her own ways a failure, a liar, a con. she brags about how smart she used to be and contradicts herself with the stupid decisions she made. she tells all sorts of stories..all of which dont fall into any sort of a real time line. on one day she'll be a promising student, valedictorian, and an almost lawyer, and the next a bad ass biker slut. She claims to have leukemia and doesnt like when people treat her differently because of it, then tries to make you feel bad for her.
in truth the reality as i see it is she is an ignorant, lonely manager of a small retail store, a nobody who might have had something going for her when she was younger but has nothing going for her now and nothing better to do than speak ill about people with a more promising future in business, relationships and in general life and tries to bring them down to make themselves feel better. shes trapped and i feel bad for her

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