Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The first flower

An old man and his wife live across the street from a young couple and their twin baby girls. One day as the young mother took her girls out for a stroll around the neighborhood the old man saw them approaching and called them over. He then proceeded to explain that he and his wife grow beautiful roses in their garden in the backyard and asked that once they are in bloom if the couple could bring their baby girls over and have a photo taken with two of the roses, one for each. "this way," he continued, "when they grow up to be beautiful young ladies and see the photo they will know that the crotchety old man who used to live across the street was the man who gave them their first flowers."

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This was cute!

My boyfriend put this picture up on my laptop, so when i got home from work at 1AM and opened it up I couldn stop laughing. I thought I'd share this because I thought it was cute and it made me smile.

I love it!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Kick Me Sign

In the 5Th grade my elementary school was the only one in the area that offered french Emersion classes. So children going into the 5Th grade had the option to choose whether they would like to learn some french. One of our rival elementary schools, since it was fairly close and did not offer the same type of program, offered the students there to merge with our school so they could learn french.
I liked the friends i had before the new kids came. and the school definitely did not warn us about them coming to the school. so when i met some of the new girls and boys i hated them right off the hop. one girl, who's name i wont mention, was particularly mean to me. a few months along the way we were working on some art projects and the rest of the class had suddenly discovered the infamous kick me sign, where they would write kick me on a piece of paper and stick it to someones back and giggle until said person would find it.
The girl who's name i said i wouldn't mention was away from class for half of the day. So when she came in i thought that that would be the perfect opportunity to swoop in a get her with my very own kick me sign. so i walked up to her patted her on the back to get the sign good and stuck and said "hey (insert girls name now) its really good to see you again, glad you re back" i ignored the stupid "what are you touching me for" look on her face and left with a goofy looking smirk on mine.
about 5 minutes until the recess bell was supposed to ring, i had almost gotten away with the kick me sign prank. however another girl who had stood up to talk to someone behind the unnameable girl had noticed it and pulled it off her back laughing about how someone got her... and so did my teacher.
As i watched my teacher walk up with a concerned look on her face asking who might have done it i had secretly said a prayer hoping she wouldn't remember. my heart sunk when i saw her eyes expand and her jaw drop as if a light bulb just went on in her head. She dramatically pointed at me and i rolled my eyes thinking "oh great"
i received a stern talking to while the girl sat by looking quite pleased with herself. The teacher kept asking me why i did it so i figured since we had learned about peer pressure recently id blame it on the other kids doing it. i think she felt sorry for me succumbing to it and let me go with a slap on the wrist. Thinking back now i think its kind of funny how hard i tried to hide that i just didn't like some people. i was way too nice and to be completely honest, even though i haven't seen her since she got kicked out of the french program the next year, i still don't like that girl... I wonder if she has face book....

Friday, January 22, 2010

I need a friend...

I dont have someone realiable i can talk to, go out and have fun with. wake up and have them already waiting at the front door with a coffee in hand. i need that. i need a friend

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RE: Brown guy tries to steal jdm front end

I've been getting alot of comments on this video:

Since I havent really had the time to post an update video I thought some people would like to have a look at the new paint job.

BEFORE (with spray cans):

AFTER (professional paint job):

See he's not really a cheap ass after all...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

things that I love entry 2

what can a shoe tell you about a person at first glance? the way i see it a shoe defines a person's tastes and moods. it shows whether that person strives for style, comfort, class or attention. If they are feeling confident, or don't give a rats ass about what others think. for me...well I'm just a tiny person with a large obsession, like many other women have, for shoes! preferably 4 and 1/2 inches on the heel. i'm not going to lie i kind of like when other people look at the shoes i have and get jealous... it makes me feel kinda happy i make other girls self concious especially growing up the ugly loner weird kid in public school.
below is a picture of about 1/4 of my still growing collection... the rest are all in storage or were out of camera shot. either way i love each and every one and do my best to wear them all provided weather permits and they will not get ruined.

also here's a YouTube video i did in Feb 2009 about my favorite shoes. its a little outdated and i don't look like that anymore nor have i vlogged in a very long time but its kinda fun..ny

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

things that i love...

For a change of pace I thought I'd take some time to point out some of the things that I love about my life ...

Below are a couple pictures of my boyfriend and I, we have been together for a year and a half and currently live together. When we met in 2007 I had not even imagined that he and I would ever be where we are today. I'm not going to lie, when we first met I was kind of rude (the first words being said to him "bitch please") and rejected him after he so kindly gave me a ride home while his friend (who's car I was in and had been pulled over) was busy with the police. He asked me for my number but I told him I had a boyfriend and gave him a speech about becoming friends and shook his hand...
his persistence paid off later on after adding me as a friend to facebook and MSN and sending a few messages to each other back and fourth for a while until I inquired about when he would be visiting our mutual friend in residence again. He told me he didn't visit too often because of school and work during the week but he'd come and hang out with me if I wanted to. I said yes and we set the date up for that Friday.
He definitely made an impression, taking me out for coffee and driving to Niagara just to take a walk in his two tone car. Not to mention I was a bit uncomfortable when I noticed in the trunk (because the back seats were removed) were a skill saw and some work boots, so naturally I cracked a joke about not going near any wooded areas and having a rope back there to accompany the two items or else I'd be real nervous... he assured me they were there for work and not because he was a crazy person.
About a year had passed where we went our separate ways keeping in touch once in a while until one day out of the blue he showed up at my part time job with flowers, we had a drink when I finished my shift and a week later (Aug 16 2008)at a drift race in Toronto we decided to start officially dating each other thus becoming a part of the things, or rather, people that I love.

Then...( 2007 in Niagara)

...Now (2010)

Monday, January 4, 2010

This is hard for me to write...

Have you ever at any point in your life heard a tiny voice inside your head telling you that the end is drawing nearer? And no I'm not referring to that stupid 2012 business nor am I schizophrenic. I'm talking about that feeling, knowing in your gut that very soon you are going to pass away. As morbid as it sounds, when I sit by myself and really think about it that's all I can hear. "Soon", it says. I guess that's why I try to surround myself with people and things that make me happy, to try to drown that voice out.
when I really try to picture it, I don't see much after my 20's either, even though its sometimes touch and go. I wonder sometimes about when I picture things I want to accomplish in my future and the picture looked clear as crystal one day while the next time it does not, if maybe it means Ive jumped off the path I was supposed to take. sometimes I don't see myself growing old, going to my sisters wedding or my own for that matter, seeing my own children, sometimes I feel like I'm going to be gone even before my parents.
each year I find myself with a new obsession, first it was my boyfriend who while we were taking our separate routes for a little while (he with his ex girlfriend and me trying to find myself at 19 years old)...I still woke up every day for a year knowing he was who I wanted to be with and denying it until finally one day he was in fact mine, next it turned into more material obsessions...like my growing collection of footwear...currently I own 22 or more pairs of heels and love and wear every single one provided weather conditions are appropriate, this year so far in 2010 Ive found myself shopping for expensive perfumes. I already purchased a 75$ bottle today even though I know that I cant really afford it. Truthfully I don't really feel all that bad, only because what I really feel is that if I don't do it now, I will never get to again.
I know I shouldn't be feeling this way ever but I cant help but know it is very possible to be here one minute and gone the next. I have tried very hard to block that little voice out but it seems to get louder as each day comes. Its so hard for me to express to friends and loved ones what I'm going through which makes me hope that the one who reads this entry can open their mind and not be quick to judge or label me a crazy person. That maybe the one or two people who decide to take the time to read this will acknowledge the fact that I'm looking for someone to tell me that I'll be ok, or that theres nothing to be afraid of, or even that they feel the same way too. Because aside from this secret I've been keeping for so long, I am generally what one would call a normal person who unfortunately uses the Internet as an outlet for her fears and anxieties.
Underneath it all I still have a small sense of hope though, that I'll be in my late 50's or 60's and be able to read this again, and think that I made it a little further than what I expected and accomplished more in my lifetime than I would have ever been able to imagine or predict for myself. That i survive a little while longer to see the things I fear I'll miss now and be able to make my life a little more worth living. I really do hope for the best out of life, and if I dont get what I hope for, then I want you to know that I can't stand coffins and wish to be creamated. Thanks!
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