Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Quickie

sort of in continuation of my last entry i just thought id post an update.
Last night i started my new "job". I am now a faceless agent of an American company here to serve you in the accounts receivable department.
How exciting...
I started training yesterday and because i wasn't feeling very social and almost like i cant trust another human being because of what i mentioned in the previous entry, i decided to sit back and "people watch" as some might say.
It was really interesting to see how groups formed so quickly. it was like a sped up version of high school. except only this time people were polite to you if you say for example, accidentally bumped into them. this is mostly i would think because you are in a work environment and can get let go for harassment in the workplace... nonsense like that.
I did notice some people try to talk to me. i don't know if it was because they were nervous and looking to make friends to back them up in a situation or someone to cheat off of in a quick training quiz.. maybe i looked approachable despite how hard i tried to put on my mean "don't come close or I'll scratch your eyes out" face.
in the end I'm not really sure if i came off as a bitch or quiet, or even quite possibly invisible.
now i patiently await for training day number two to begin. we'll see what interesting stories are in store for me tonight. either way as i see things now, i would hardly call this a job.

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