Monday, January 25, 2010

The Kick Me Sign

In the 5Th grade my elementary school was the only one in the area that offered french Emersion classes. So children going into the 5Th grade had the option to choose whether they would like to learn some french. One of our rival elementary schools, since it was fairly close and did not offer the same type of program, offered the students there to merge with our school so they could learn french.
I liked the friends i had before the new kids came. and the school definitely did not warn us about them coming to the school. so when i met some of the new girls and boys i hated them right off the hop. one girl, who's name i wont mention, was particularly mean to me. a few months along the way we were working on some art projects and the rest of the class had suddenly discovered the infamous kick me sign, where they would write kick me on a piece of paper and stick it to someones back and giggle until said person would find it.
The girl who's name i said i wouldn't mention was away from class for half of the day. So when she came in i thought that that would be the perfect opportunity to swoop in a get her with my very own kick me sign. so i walked up to her patted her on the back to get the sign good and stuck and said "hey (insert girls name now) its really good to see you again, glad you re back" i ignored the stupid "what are you touching me for" look on her face and left with a goofy looking smirk on mine.
about 5 minutes until the recess bell was supposed to ring, i had almost gotten away with the kick me sign prank. however another girl who had stood up to talk to someone behind the unnameable girl had noticed it and pulled it off her back laughing about how someone got her... and so did my teacher.
As i watched my teacher walk up with a concerned look on her face asking who might have done it i had secretly said a prayer hoping she wouldn't remember. my heart sunk when i saw her eyes expand and her jaw drop as if a light bulb just went on in her head. She dramatically pointed at me and i rolled my eyes thinking "oh great"
i received a stern talking to while the girl sat by looking quite pleased with herself. The teacher kept asking me why i did it so i figured since we had learned about peer pressure recently id blame it on the other kids doing it. i think she felt sorry for me succumbing to it and let me go with a slap on the wrist. Thinking back now i think its kind of funny how hard i tried to hide that i just didn't like some people. i was way too nice and to be completely honest, even though i haven't seen her since she got kicked out of the french program the next year, i still don't like that girl... I wonder if she has face book....

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