Wednesday, January 13, 2010

things that I love entry 2

what can a shoe tell you about a person at first glance? the way i see it a shoe defines a person's tastes and moods. it shows whether that person strives for style, comfort, class or attention. If they are feeling confident, or don't give a rats ass about what others think. for me...well I'm just a tiny person with a large obsession, like many other women have, for shoes! preferably 4 and 1/2 inches on the heel. i'm not going to lie i kind of like when other people look at the shoes i have and get jealous... it makes me feel kinda happy i make other girls self concious especially growing up the ugly loner weird kid in public school.
below is a picture of about 1/4 of my still growing collection... the rest are all in storage or were out of camera shot. either way i love each and every one and do my best to wear them all provided weather permits and they will not get ruined.

also here's a YouTube video i did in Feb 2009 about my favorite shoes. its a little outdated and i don't look like that anymore nor have i vlogged in a very long time but its kinda fun..ny

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