Tuesday, January 12, 2010

things that i love...

For a change of pace I thought I'd take some time to point out some of the things that I love about my life ...

Below are a couple pictures of my boyfriend and I, we have been together for a year and a half and currently live together. When we met in 2007 I had not even imagined that he and I would ever be where we are today. I'm not going to lie, when we first met I was kind of rude (the first words being said to him "bitch please") and rejected him after he so kindly gave me a ride home while his friend (who's car I was in and had been pulled over) was busy with the police. He asked me for my number but I told him I had a boyfriend and gave him a speech about becoming friends and shook his hand...
his persistence paid off later on after adding me as a friend to facebook and MSN and sending a few messages to each other back and fourth for a while until I inquired about when he would be visiting our mutual friend in residence again. He told me he didn't visit too often because of school and work during the week but he'd come and hang out with me if I wanted to. I said yes and we set the date up for that Friday.
He definitely made an impression, taking me out for coffee and driving to Niagara just to take a walk in his two tone car. Not to mention I was a bit uncomfortable when I noticed in the trunk (because the back seats were removed) were a skill saw and some work boots, so naturally I cracked a joke about not going near any wooded areas and having a rope back there to accompany the two items or else I'd be real nervous... he assured me they were there for work and not because he was a crazy person.
About a year had passed where we went our separate ways keeping in touch once in a while until one day out of the blue he showed up at my part time job with flowers, we had a drink when I finished my shift and a week later (Aug 16 2008)at a drift race in Toronto we decided to start officially dating each other thus becoming a part of the things, or rather, people that I love.

Then...( 2007 in Niagara)

...Now (2010)

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